Your Educational Robotics kit in our sales network, schools and training centres throughout Spain

We import and distribute STEAM educational robotics kits for schools, individuals and training centres throughout Spain. We advise teachers on innovative products for STEAM teaching and accompany them with the necessary support to maximise their scope.

We will help your product take off

We will help
your product take off

In 2013 we became the first official distributors of Makeblock when it was a merely start-up of 5 people, achieving fame and sales success for the brand through

This collaboration led to many alliances and customers throughout Europe and in-depth knowledge of the STEAM robotics market in Spain.

Your Educational Robotics kit in our sales network

Our Network working for you

Specialized Value Added Reseller

Specialized VAR (Value Added Reseller)

We are much more than mere distributors; we provide what your product needs to fit into the market and grow.

Outreach, consultancy and accompaniment of your product in Spanish market

Selling STEAM products is not easy, the customer's decision to buy is complex and there are many options to choose from.

It is not enough to simply place the products in the aisles of the big shops: a big effort in outreach, consultancy and accompaniment is needed.

For the last 5 years we have been working closely with a very active community of training centres, teachers and expert makers. They help us to share the virtues of the product, providing added value with online documentation, courses, books, manuals, championships, etc.

Our strengths at your service

  • We achieve extensive coverage of users and influencers
  • We collaborate with associations in organising competitions and championships
  • Authors of books on education and STEAM robotics work with us
  • We have alliances with distributors in Europe and Latin America
  • We provide technical support with hardware and software experts
  • We are backed by more than 15 years of experience in Online Marketing... and our results

How we will do it

Specific website

Specific Website

It is essential to have a website aimed at the users with extensive information in Spanish, above all about your products.
We are not talking about a digital brochure: The users DO NOT WANT more advertising, they need practical information that will help them make the most of the educational possibilities of their product.

This website will also get your brand known in Latin America; Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina, etc.

Branding 360º

360º Branding

Mass advertising will not convince your target customer because it lacks the fundamental weapon to do so: CREDIBILITY. If you don't believe us, we wish you luck and hope you have an enormous budget to spend.

Our first objective for opening up the market to the consumer is that our network of influencers recommend the product for its STEAM capabilities. This also means improving it and/or compensating any deficiencies.

Advertising and mass media market

Advertising & Mass Media Mkt

Then we can invest in advertising with the confidence that we have a solid ROI that compensates the outlay.

Adverts in journals, marketing campaigns by email, on social networks or CPC ads are the quickest and easiest step to execute.

Contact of STEAM educational robotics kits Distributor

Do you want to collaborate with us?

If we decide to work with you, we commit to making a considerable effort to promote your brand and we will request a contract commensurate with this.

To have opportunities in our market your product has to fulfil three essential requirements: An attainable price, a competitive distribution margin and solid hardware and software. If you think you meet these requirements, contact us, or better still send us a kit so we can examine it and evaluates its potential. We're the best way to access the Spanish market.

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